Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Robert Franklin 5 months


Bo turned 5 months old on May 28th. Since he will be 6 months old this Sunday on June 28th I thought it was probably time to do a 5 month update. At 5 months Bo was doing a lot of growing and working. We didn’t have a well-check so I don’t have specific statistics but I can share what I know which is the following:

At 5 months of age, Bo was wearing sizes in the 6 month range. On Memorial Day Bo wore an outfit that his brother John Brooks wore on July 4th 2011.

At 5 months of age, I was feeding Bo approximately 6-7 times a day. At 5 months of age Bo was (is) exclusively breastfed.

At 5 months of age, Bo slept from about 9 pm until about 7 am each night and took 2-3 cat naps that were generally 30-45 minutes long.

At 5 months of age, Bo began going to Physical Therapy once a week from once every other week. Bo continued to go to Occupational Therapy once a week as well. At 5 months of age, Bo was working very hard on rolling from back to belly and was working on learning how to prop sit.

At 5 months of age, Bo became more and more interactive with family and friends. He loved (loves) to play with his Daddy and big brother. Bo also started to recognize more of his family including Pop-Pop, Rob-Rob and Grandma. Bo also was able to meet his Meemaw for the first time! Bo was very excited to meet Meemaw and loved for her to rock him. We also had visits from Tee-Taw (Aunt Connie) and Di-Di (Aunt Diane).


Bo has the cutest curls on top of his head that have hung on even while the rest of his hair has fallen out causing him to have a natural baby-mohawk.

Bo continues to charm everyone he meets and we all fall more in love with him every day! I continue to count every milestone he meets as a miracle and thank God every day for healing our baby.

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