Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Robert Franklin 6 months


Bo is 26 weeks old. One-half of a whole year has gone by since he was born. I think that the saying “The days are long but the years are few” is so appropriate when it comes to babies. Some days seem to drag on forever but then I blink my eyes and my helpless newborn baby is 6 months old and can roll himself off of his approved work (play) spaces. Here is a list of what Bo is up to at 6 months old.

Bo had his 6 month well-check on Monday and his pediatrician stated that from her perspective he seems to be right where he should be developmentally. Bo’s little eyes are a bit on the crossed side but a follow up Ophthalmology appointment later this month will give us more information about what we do about that.

Weight: 15 pounds 2 ounces Length: 25 1/4 inches – So he is right smack dab in the middle of where he is “supposed” to be according to the growth charts. Bo has the sweetest little dimples on his shoulders and elbows and the best rolls on his wrists and thighs. Bo has the biggest smile for his family and friends and giggles when we play with his belly or toes. The hair that Bo was born with has all fallen out except for a row of curls down the top-middle of his head. This gives the impression of a mohawk! Cute!

Eating: Bo still nurses about 7 times a day. We began introducing solids to Bo on June 21st. So far he has enjoyed sweet potatoes and avocado as well as a couple of bites of his Daddy’s grits. I just finished puréeing some steamed carrots so he will try those for dinner tonight. We haven’t introduced a spoon yet but Bo likes for us to put the food on his tray so that he can touch and taste it himself. I also put little bits on my finger and feed him that way as well. Bo is still working on getting his first teeth. It’s a difficult process and its so hard to watch him struggle with his swollen gums.

Sleep: Bo generally goes to sleep around 8:30-9 pm and wakes up around 7-8 am. When the stars align Bo will take 3-30-45 minute naps a day in his crib but more often than not he has a nap in the car seat or on me or on Grandma or on the floor. #2ndkidproblems

Play: Bo loves to play on the floor or on our bed with Ben or John Brooks or me. He prefers to play with other people around him. He has started rolling from his back to his belly! We are also helping him to work on prop-sitting. Bo still attends Physical and Occupational Therapy once a week. These therapy sessions have done so much to help keep Bo on the right developmental track! Bo babbles a great deal. He likes for us to copy his sounds back to him. He likes to roll a ball between his brother and himself (with the help of Mama). Bo is getting better about riding in the car and has gone to the lake and the beach with us for the day this past week. Bo A-D-O-R-E-S John Brooks and lights up any time John Brooks pays attention to him.


Bo sleeps with a pacifier but will also suck on his fingers/thumbs sometimes. Bo loves music and bath time and likes for Mama to sing him songs. Bo isn’t too fond of being hot or cold so he is still warming up to the swimming pool and just being outside in general. Bo is so sweet and snuggly though and will rest his cheek on mine when he is tired. Bo also enjoys snuggling with a blankie.

We are so proud of the progress that Bo has made in the past 6 months. We believe that God has done a mighty work in continuing to heal our son and we are so thankful for all of the prayers that Bo has received.

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