Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Road Trip Week 2015


Hi there! Long time no post. We were really into summering and I just never had time to sit down and put my thoughts together. So here we are and its almost the end of August. I think I will do a few posts to update and remember our adventures from Summer 2015.

One of the challenges of having an active 4 year old and a relatively new baby is that while the 4 year old is constantly wanting a new adventure the baby needs to be fed every 3 or so hours or he loses his mind. So, this summer I decided that if John Brooks and I were going to have adventures they needed to be within 3 hours of our house. The week of June 21-27 was a busy one for us as we ventured out onto the open road with the wonderful assistance of my amazing mother in law who came along for the ride to help with Bo.

On Monday we crashed my sister in law Amy’s family’s vacation at Lake Weir. We had a wonderful time playing and splashing in the water and John Brooks even got to ride on a boat with the big kids (teenagers/young adults really…3 of them are now in college). Bo hung out with Grandma in the cabin enjoying the air conditioning.

On Wednesday we crashed my other sister in law Gina’s family’s vacation at Crescent Beach. We had a wonderful time playing, jumping waves and building sand castles. John Brooks learned how to boogie board (how is he old enough to do that) and thrilled us all by swimming the entire width of the deep end of the swimming pool….alone. He is so brave y’all sometimes it terrifies me! Bo hung out with Grandma in the condo enjoying the air conditioning and the space to roll around.

We are so very thankful for wonderful family members who don’t mind us crashing their family time!

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