Monday, September 28, 2015

Visit with Tee-Taw



Back in the spring (I think) John Brooks asked me where Tee-Taw (my Aunt, his Great Aunt Connie) lived. I told him Tallahassee which led to the question…”Where is Tallahassee?” So I showed him Tallahassee on Google Maps and thanks to the carousel of progress we were able to even see her house. Then it dawned on me that I had never even been to Tee-Taw’s house. My curiosity was peaked so I called Tee-Taw and asked to be invited to her house one Friday during the summer. She was kind enough to oblige and eventually we decided on the next to last Friday in July.

John Brooks and I would’ve been pleased just to be able to see where Tee-Taw lived but she went above and beyond planning a fun day for my crew including a swimming pool with a super cool kids area and a picnic lunch!

So, on the next to last Friday in July we loaded all of our worldly goods into the back of my car and took off headed NW on Hwy 19. It was an awesome drive up! 4 lanes, pretty country, new places to see, Lion King on the DVD player. Smile A couple hours and one right turn later we arrived at Tee-Taws.

We met Tee-Taws fur babies. Biscuit, Buddy, Leon and Gracie. We also got to tour Tee-Taws home, look at all of her cool pictures and we even were able to meet Tee-Taw’s friend Beth.

After a quick pit-stop at Tar-jay to pick up some flip flops for a four year old who somehow forgot his at home, we arrived at the swimming pool! We had such a great time despite the fact that JB was too short for the big slide and was called out by the lifeguards no less than 4 times for breaking the rules. Smile Bo even enjoyed the cool water on that hot July day! After a yummy picnic lunch of peanut butter and jelly, blueberries and chips, and even more water fun it was time for the Colson crew to head home. We dropped Tee-Taw at home with many thanks and got back on the road.

The trip home was slightly more treacherous due to rain, sudden bathroom stops, and Mama getting lost in Tallahassee before we even left but we finally made it home. Bo was super fussy on the way home which is normal for him on long car rides so I really thought nothing of it until we got home and I took a look at him. Poor baby had red whelps all over his face from rubbing his inaugural coat of sunscreen all over the place. So Bo then received his inaugural dose of Benadryl and a good dose of Mama time.

It was such a fun day trip and we are so thankful to Tee-Taw for her hospitality! I am sad that I did not even take one picture the whole day but the memories we made will last a long time.

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