Friday, October 2, 2015

Beach 2015


Ben, John Brooks, Bo and I went to Cinnamon Beach for a week this summer. We were accompanied by our niece Hayley who we loved having with us because she is fun and energetic and was willing to help with the boys. My brother Matt and his wife Paige also came down for a few days.

Ben and I love the beach! John Brooks really loves it too. He even learned how to boogie board this year! Bo just likes being anywhere everyone else is so he had fun too. Bo, however, refused to sleep in the pack and play so he ended up being my bed buddy for the week and poor Ben ended up on the sofa. Thankfully this did not create an issue when we got home and I am happy to report that he went straight back to sleeping in his comfy cozy crib.

We had the best time eating, swimming, eating, playing in the sand, eating, taking walks, building sand castles, jumping waves oh and eating too. Vacationing with young children is definitely more of a trip than a relaxing getaway but its hard to complain when you can look out past the balcony and see the beautiful ocean just steps away!

John Brooks is already asking when we can go back!

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