Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arriving in January

I haven't posted anything lately because frankly my life has been pretty boring. Thankfully, things are looking more interesting by the day.

In fact, I have been really excited and anxious to make this announcement since Ben and I found out in May.

We are expecting our first child in January!!

We are soooo excited about our new addition and cannot wait to meet the baby.

I am 12 weeks. I thankfully have not experienced too much morning sickness, mainly just fatigue. The baby had his/her first pictures taken a couple of weeks ago and so far the baby looks like a peanut. Robin, my stepmom, gave us a calendar that we look at each day and it gives us little details of how the baby is developing. It has been soooo much fun reading the calendar each day and discovering what is happening.

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