Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at the Colson’s

Every Christmas is special. Christmas 2010 was extra special for Ben and me because – among other things-  it was the first Christmas spent in our new home and the last Christmas spent as a married couple with no children. I decided that with my due date swiftly approaching, my ankles continually swelling and car rides becoming increasingly uncomfortable that it would be best for us to host our families this year – plus I wanted to break in my house :).

Ben decorated the outside - 



We both decorated the inside - 045


and were ready for the troops to arrive. On Christmas Eve we hosted Ben’s family – his parents, sisters and their families. It was soooo much fun to have the kids running around – tracking Santa, opening gifts, playing with gifts, and enjoying a delicious dinner of Colson beef. We had sausage cheese balls and bbq jalapeno poppers as appetizers and we feasted on grilled steaks, baked or sweet potatoes, salad with homemade salad dressing, and rolls for supper. Yum! Ben’s parents gave me a really pretty set of glass cases to place candles in, the Spencer family gave us a custom built piece of furniture for our home and the Rone family gave me an electric griddle that I cant wait to use this Saturday for pancakes!

On Christmas morning, Ben and I woke up to see what Santa had brought and let me tell you I must have been a really good girl this year because Santa spoiled me rotten! Thanks to Santa (Ben) – John Brooks’ mama is going to be very well accessorized when we go out on our little outings in the future. :)

After present opening and breakfast, Ben and I drove up to the farm and checked the cows. I always love checking the cows but there is something extra special about this experience on Christmas. All of the animals seem so peaceful and content as if they also know that it is a special day meant to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I know this sounds corny but the animals just seem more calm on Christmas day than on any other day.

The afternoon of Christmas day was spent hosting my family for lunch and it was a great time as well! My brother Matt, our grandma Jean and her friend Mr.. Marvin, my aunt Diane and her family, my aunt Connie and my uncle Frank along with Ben’s parents came over and we feasted yet again. Ham, pork tenderloin, butter beans, squash casserole, hash brown casserole, sweet potato soufflé, apple salad, deviled eggs, rolls, plus 3 or 4 different pies plus cookies – needless to say we were stuffed little piggies after lunch. We took a break between lunch and desert to open more gifts only this time we participated in a White Elephant – Chinese – whatever you want to call it gift exchange where you pick a number and open a gift and someone can steal it from you. We played with gift cards and the competition was ruthless! I think everyone ended up with a gift they will use – I know that I am super excited about the Wal-Mart gift card that I snagged from Mr. Marvin. :)

Christmas day ended with a visit from my dad and my stepmom Robin. We were all dead tired from the events of the day but we had a good time visiting with each other and relaxing in front of the TV.

I am so thankful to have been able to host our family at our home this year. I am so thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life to celebrate the birth of Jesus with me. Throughout all of the events I kept thinking that this time next year – God willing – John Brooks will be almost a year old and Christmas will be a completely new experience for Ben and me. I cant wait to see what the future holds!

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