Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Definitely, maybe…

I went to the doctor today. Everything is good. BP is good, blood sugar is good, 39 weeks, everything is where its supposed to be for me to go into labor at some point in the near future…so now we hurry up and wait :). Well…maybe…you see I have developed a case of Pupps which is not as cute as it sounds. My skin is extremely itchy around my belly to the point where it wakes me up in the middle of the night and no amount of lotion makes it go away. My doctor noticed it today and very matter of factly told me that it will not get any better until John Brooks is born. Grreeeeaaat!

Oh wait – there is hope – here is the rest of her tale – since I am 39 weeks and since everything is where it needs to be for me to go into labor and since I am only going to get more miserable and since my doctor is on call at the hospital tomorrow she thinks we should go ahead and induce my labor…tomorrow! Ahhhhh! I am yelling inside and have been since she spoke those words….could it really be possible that in the next day or two we will meet our son? We have to call the hospital in the morning and determine whether or not there is room for us to be there but if all goes well then tomorrow my labor will be induced and John Brooks will make his debut into the world.

Even if it doesn’t work out for tomorrow I am okay with it because I know that God has a plan for when the baby is supposed to be born….but how awesome is it that it could be tomorrow! Please pray for Ben and I to remain calm and cool and patient and as relaxed as possible over the next few days and please pray that my labor and JB’s delivery are smooth and problem free – whenever it may take place. :)

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  1. ahhhh!!! so exciting!!! will be praying tomorrow that they are able to induce and all goes smooth!!!