Monday, April 4, 2011

A weekend of firsts

John Brooks had his first slumber party on Saturday. Ben and I were invited to the wedding of my cousin and since we weren’t sure how JB would handle all of the wedding festivities we twisted the arms of my dad and step mom (though not very hard) to watch him while we were gone. Since the wedding was in High Springs/Gainesville we took JB over to their house and we decided to spend the night since it would be closer to church on Sunday morning.

It was a great time! JB slept in his pack-n-play for the first time and only woke up once – which I think is good for a new bed and a new place. I think my parent’s really enjoyed being able to spend time with him and I know that Ben and I appreciated being able to go out alone for a few hours!

On Sunday morning, my dad treated us to a delicious bacon, egg and cheese croissant. No he didn’t go pick up b-fast from the local diner – he whipped it up in his own kitchen. My dad is a great cook and let me tell you that bacon, egg and cheese tasted like something from a restaurant!

After stuffing our faces, JB, Ben and I said goodbye to Grandpa McCracken and GrandRob (Robin), and went to church. It was another milestone for John Brooks – his first time in the church nursery. Mama and daddy were quite nervous in church and we kept checking the pager to make sure it hadn’t gone off but we had a good report that he ate and even slept some while we were gone! I feel blessed knowing that he will have such nice caring ladies there to teach and take care of him each Sunday!

We rounded out the weekend with another first – JB’s first night in his crib. The poor baby has been a little long for his bassinet for about 10 days now but Mama was in a bit of denial that her baby was getting bigger. I used our sleepover as a reason to accept our fate that our boy is growing and we moved the bassinet out of his room so that when we came home the crib was the only option. JB now has plenty of room to stretch and grow!

I can’t believe it is already April! I am sooo enjoying this time I have to spend at home with my boy. He grows and changes everyday and each day is a new lesson. I hope the next few months slow down because I am not ready to leave him yet!

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