Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Haircut

So…technically he got his hair trimmed on Thursday but I am waiting until after his birthday to post it so we will say for superstition’s sake that we waited until after he turned one to have his haircut for the first time. Seeing as how he came out with a comb-over I think 363 days is close enough! John Brooks did well! No crying but lots of wiggling. Thankfully Miss Dara was patient and trimmed his hair around the ears and his neck so that he no longer looks like a mullet hippy. :)

357 355 356


  1. What a fun memory, Paige! John Brooks is the cutest thing...long hair and all :) Allie Claire had her first haircut early too. She had the worst mullet going on and bless Whitt's heart, he's already sporting one (at three months)

    SO glad you want to join the homemakers group!

  2. Hey Paige. It was nice meeting you at Carrie's house last Thursday night. I'm looking forward to our next meeting and getting to know you better. I've known Ben's family for many years. (went to HS with Gina) His parents are the kindest people. JB is a cutie and I enjoyed looking around your blog. See you in March!

    Mary Rogers