Monday, May 14, 2012

What a Wonderful Day


Well, school is back in session for another 6 weeks and while I should be cracking those books open in an effort to learn about the wonderful world of PICC lines I couldn’t let the opportunity slip by to brag on my most wonderful husband for making Mother’s day a superbly special day for this mama.

The excitement started on Friday. My husband was beside himself waiting on a package to arrive that he “paid extra shipping to insure it would arrive by today”. Bless his heart he couldn’t wait until Sunday, once the FedEx man drove away Ben barreled into the living room and handed the box to me. To my surprise and delight this is what was inside…



I have said over the past few months how much I miss just picking up a non-school book to read, not really hinting that I wanted such a nice present just airing my cares for the world to hear. I am so blessed to have a husband who takes the time to find ways to make me happy.

We also had a wonderful, romantic dinner at Embers with some much needed quiet, adult conversation that was not interrupted by pulling apart food, wiping faces or retrieving sippy cups that are thrown across the room.

It is wonderful to be treated to such a special weekend but even if I never got a single gift I would still never for one second trade being mama to this sweet baby boy.

JB Mothers Day


Even when he does things like this…


bad JB

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  1. Oh my, John Brooks! That looks like a Gus moment to me :) All boy, he is 100 percent boy! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day. How was Embers? I have heard good things, but we haven't tried it.