Thursday, June 21, 2012

Swim School


After much trial and error…or trying on one bathing suit…I regret to inform you that I will NOT be able to wear a bandeau top bathing suit this summer. Please take a moment and mourn with me…….okay moment’s up! Smile

I have found a super cute black bathing suit that I know I will love as soon as I become a good deal more intimate with Brooke Burke’s 8 minute ab routine…as in 15,480 reps more intimate…which is the number I will need to do if I plan to be seen in a swimsuit while at the beach in August.

On a semi-related note…John Brooks has been taking swim lessons this week…oh my! Here is the highlight recap of the past 3 days: He is the youngest in the class by 6 months…He cried the entire 30 minutes on Tuesday…he is learning how to kick and blow bubbles…he cries EVERY TIME he goes under….when I put him on the side to practice jumping in he tries to run away and then sits down…he LOVES the spider-walk bars…he’s to small to spider-walk on the actual edge of the pool…I have not taken one single picture as I am in the pool with him the whole time trying to cheer him on over his very loud protests…I am calling this “Our Foundation Year”

Oh the memories Smile

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