Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thoughts Thursday



I am beginning to suspect that my main reason for attending two years of school and (hopefully) passing a state exam and then (hopefully) getting a job is to have a shopping budget…

I am scared that Lobster Rolls will have too much mayonnaise and that I won’t like them….you know one day when I go to Maine…in the I don’t even know how long future.

I want to make fish tacos but I am afraid I won’t like them

This has been my most favorite summer EVER

My kid makes me laugh even when he is doing something bad…I am in for a big adventure with this little guy.

Turning the pages of a textbook should not give you carpal tunnel syndrome…I’m looking at you Maternal Child Nursing Care

I hope the Gators win this year.

I am joining a college fantasy football league with Ben…I want to be the winner so bad…problem is I am joining with Ben and I know nothing about any other teams/players besides Florida…..update – I decided not to join

I have been frightened/nauseated by every single vocabulary word/gory picture related to my maternity rotation this fall

On the flip side I have also found every picture of any baby absolutely adorable regardless of the “abnormal” condition that it depicts.

I wish I could talk Ben into adoption.

Around this time of the summer I start to wish I lived in Montana. I also start googling/pinning/daydreaming of fall décor/fashion in an effort to bring on autumn by sheer will of the mind.

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  1. If it makes you feel better, Adam would never consider adoption either...