Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Body by Guilt Trip



Last night as I was cleaning up the scraps of the three-cheese grilled cheese and creamy tomato soup supper I had prepared (because one cheese is never enough you know) something caught my eye outside of our front window. I looked out to see one of my friends running…in the rain…like for exercise…I am ashamed to say that Jesus nor Emily Post would’ve been proud of the words going through my head at that moment.

That’s because I haven’t done more than 30 minutes of anything active since July 1st. Its been raining A TON in our area this summer and I’ve cleverly convinced myself that I would melt if I ran in the rain (that’s a joke peeps…insert laugh here). Oh I walk about 8 miles a day when I work and I feel like I cover about 8 more miles a day keeping John Brooks out of the Emergency Room but while my lack-thereof-exercise routine has diminished my eating habits are still going strong.

I started to feel a small tinge of guilt about this a few weeks ago at the beach….something about people in bathing suits tends to make me re-evaluate my “healthy” lifestyle choices. That tinge became more of a road trip at a couple of recent MD appointments where I was sad to learn that I am in fact at the high end of that so called “healthy weight range” (mortified) and the road trip became a full blown world cruise last night as my sweet healthy friend went running by at the speed of light while I picked the burnt cheese off of the griddle.

“That’s it” I told myself “Tomorrow I am running 3 miles”

Flash forward to this morning….I went 3 miles….I ran a little less than half of it but I made it 3 miles! My thoughts ranged from…I got this I’m a beast…to who in their right mind wears gray to run outside (me)….to what lame-o chose the music for this so called “running playlist” (me again)…to there is absolutely no way that Kim Kardashian only weighed 126 lbs before she got pregnant (clearly that’s an obsession that hasn’t dulled). I really do want to be healthy though…and rock a bikini….and maybe go down a size of two in my jeans….and since I was born with a healthy appreciation for the foods of southern culture (sometimes I pray that God would help me eat like a bird instead of a sow) and my metabolism is slowing down by the second…I guess I’d better get back into my exercise routine…..ugh

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